Our Story

 Established in 2016 on a beach in Dana Point, California.  Surf & Turf Golf began as a solution to an arising problem, the lack of affordable opportunities for young golfers to join country clubs and feel a part of this great game. This is where the inspiration for The Surf & Turf Club began, later evolving into a lifestyle apparel company, Surf & Turf Golf. Founded by a group of young professional golfers living in Southern California, who call "Home" to a widespread variety of places, they felt the desire to provide a service to their community by mixing the class and style of golf, with the attitude and comfort of the Southern California surf and beach lifestyle.
We pride ourselves on creating a community through our apparel by offering products that can be worn on the course, at the beach, or a night out. In Surf & Turf Golf apparel you will find yourself standing out in your stylish and clean look while fitting in no matter the occasion.
Surf & Turf Golf was built around principles that combine to form a lifestyle we believe in, and plan to expand. We promise to provide you with high quality lifestyle apparel and fun events that will bring us all together as a community to give back to the greater good and show us what this life should be all about. We invite you to join us on our journey.