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Our Mission at Surf & Turf Golf is to use our apparel and lifestyle to create a community and leave an everlasting impact on this world. We want to look back one day knowing that we left the world a little better place than it was when we found it. We plan to inspire others to join us in this walk and bring people together to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all. 

As professional golfers, the game of golf has taught us incredible life lessons like perspective, integrity, respect, gratitude, sportsmanship, fellowship, honesty and commitment. These traits are the foundation of our community. 

We have been giving back this past year through our events and different fundraising campaigns, but it wasn't enough. 

We are happy to announce our new project and initiative. This is the - Course to Coast For a Cause Project.  
Starting April 1st, 2018 we will  raise funds and awareness to causes or persons in need within our Surf & Turf Golf Community. 

Each month there will be a new "Champion" or "Captain" of our Course to Coast for a Cause Project. 
We will donate 5% of total online sales from to each individual cause every month. We will also promote and/or host or partner with fundraising campaigns that help build awareness and create opportunity for our community to team up together in fights that are  bigger than ourselves. 


Let's change the game, have some fun, and leave an everlasting impact on our community and the world.

Contact Us for more details or recommendations to be a future "Course To Coast for a Cause Champion": 
-The Surf & Turf Team

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"On Sunday June 3rd. Guatemala had one of the worst volcano eruptions in many years. Taking the lives of many and leaving thousands displaced and with nothing but the cloth they were wearing.

My name is Gabriela Martinez Benecke and Im joining forces with Malu and Jose Toledo, all Guatemalan born and raised.  Together we are raising money to buy food and supplies to take directly to affected families, that we know, of workers from Club La Reunion.  Many lost everything and their loved ones.   I’ll be traveling there on Wednesday and will buy food, supplies and give money personally to these families.  Anything helps!

We almost reached our $5K goal but now we raised it to $15K!!  We are gathering the information of the families that lost everything and are in need of the most help."

Let's help join Surf & Turf Golf Ambassador and of the best guys on tour, our friend Jose Toledo as he leads the way in providing assistance to the recovery efforts to the neighbors and families around La Reunion Golf Course in Guatemala. 

We have released a Limited Edition "#GuatemalaStrong-La Reunion Tee 

Find it here- 


“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another” Charles Dickens







The month of May is internationally known and recognized as “ALS AWARENESS MONTH”, this made our choice for our May (and June) Course to Coast for a Cause captain an easy selection. Sunny Brous is not only a member of the Surf & Turf Community, she’s family. 

Sunny is the cousin of one of the owners of Surf & Turf Golf, Taylor Artman. 


Sunny is a beautiful girl and an exemplary model of the Surf & Turf community in the fact that she and her family have always had strong golf roots and a sports background, but better yet, she understands the value of life and the true meaning behind it all. It isn’t always about what you do, it is who you do it with and why you do it. Sunny lives everyday to the fullest, constantly soaking up the sunlight, rooting on her favorite sports teams, having a cold beer with friends on a saturday afternoon or watching her husband and golf professional, Kenneth Erasmus tee it up on the links. 


Sunny has always been a healthy girl. She is always full of life and grew up playing sports and doing everything else this generation chose to partake in. Life was good. She graduated from Tarleton State and moved to Forth Worth, Texas where she later met and married her now husband Kenneth Erasmus. 


About three years ago Sunny had some strange things start to occur in her life and she couldn’t figure out what the root of them was. Slight changes in coordination, strength, a dropped plate or glass, shakiness and other symptoms. She was concerned. 

“I remember before she was diagnosed, we were driving together back from Austin and she was telling me about the strange symptoms she was having and all the tests she had taken. She was concerned and confused, at that point I was too. I never realized how serious it would end up being though” said Surf & Turf Golf Owner and cousin of Sunny, Taylor Artman. 


ALS has an interesting testing process, you don’t actually take a test for ALS, instead you take every other test there is and eliminate all the other possibilities. A scary process to say the least. After Sunny took every test there is before she was diagnosed with ALS-Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis about three years ago. A life changing diagnosis. ALS is without a doubt one of the worst diseases known to man. The impact and toll it can take on a person isn’t easy to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it firsthand. Nicknamed “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” it is known for hitting people at different stages of life and taking them from a completely healthy, normal life to losing all muscular function and central nervous control by affecting the brain and spinal cord. 


The past few years have been a hard road for Sunny, as she now is accompanied by her friend “Phil” ( her walking cane) and sometimes has to ride her scooter around (she even flipped it once- we saw it. We were worried. She was giggling-this sums her up in a nutshell). But through all the pain and struggle Sunny has used her bright personality to begin her own mission, to help raise funds and spread awareness about this disease in efforts to reach a cure in the near future. Her foundation, Sunny Strong hosts events, has a shop where she sells different apparel and the like and includes her blog she adds to regularly. 


Help us join Sunny in the fight to raise awareness and funds in the fight for a cure for ALS! 


You can learn more about Sunny and her fight at! 


Keep fighting Sunny! We’re with you all the way! 









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The month of April we will be raising funds and awareness for a friend of ours right here in La Quinta, CA. We will help Gus Luna in his fight against brain cancer.  5% of All online sales this month will go towards Gus's family and recovery efforts to aid them in their fight.

We hosted our 2nd Annual Surf & Turf Masters earlier this month at Palm Royale C.C. in La Quinta, CA and our community came together to raise over $2,000 already. We would like to grow this number greatly to help the Luna family as much as we can by coming together as a community.

Let's change the game, have some fun, and leave an everlasting impact on our community and the world.

Contact Us for more details or recommendations to be a future "Course To Coast for a Cause Champion": 
-The Surf & Turf Team

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Here is Gus’s Story. 


“The world is full of those suffering; It is also full of those strong enough to overcome it” -Helen Keller. 



Our friend, Gus Luna was diagnosed at age 10. This young kid with a heart of gold, was blessed with everything you’d want your child to have. He is very athletic, as he competed in golf, soccer, basketball, tae kwon do. Unlike a lot of athletes, Gus had the brains to go along with it. He was involved in extracurricular activities such as Math Academy at a younger age than most, and even was voted Class President in 5th grade. 

But why wouldn’t he be? Leaders often have the qualities he has, smarts, toughness, heart and perseverance. 


The same time he was voted Class President, he began experiencing excruciating headaches the same time every day. At this point, the family thought they would get him checked out. After 3 doctors visits and 1 CT scan he was on his way to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. 


After 1 week in the hospital the neurosurgeon there delivered no good news for Gus and his family. He suggested they take Gus home and schedule brain surgery the following week. 


At that point they were fortunate to get sent to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center to meet with one of the top neurosurgeons in California. He would undergo his first craniatomy on Oct 31, 2005. After the long surgery, they found out it was a cancerous tumor that was causing Gus’s problems. This massive hypothalamic Tumor was deemed inoperable. Gus also had brain surgery (Hydrocephalus) which was not draining properly. 


After 18 surgeries in 8 years. They implanted, removed and revised 3 brain shunts. A tube to take excess fluid from the brain to the stomach. He began chemotherapy. 


His toughness was proven as he was determined to graduate and walk with his class of 2013 with a 3.5 GPA. 


Gus then got worse, after 10 years at Cedar-Sinai they finally told Gus’s family it was time to start clinical trials. This took them to CHildren’s Hospital LA. 


In 2014, After choosing to go through with a clinical trial, Gus encountered a terrible allergic reaction. Another trial in 2015 wasn’t the answer either as Gus’s tumor continued to grow. 


At this point, Gus was unable to walk. Sleeping was all that occupied the time of this young brilliant athlete’s schedule. 


This is when the surgeon at CHLA came in and asked if she could take  chance and go after the tumor. She gave a 50% chance of Gus coming out in better shape that he was currently in. The neurosurgeon at Cedar-Sinai strongly advised against this option. The Luna family took the chance and went forth with the 50/50 surgery in March of 2015. 


5 hours later 35% of the tumor that was deemed inoperable for 10 years prior, had been removed. Gus would come out fine and make a full recovery after one month. 


Gus’s family at this time had exhausted the entirety of their savings and all of their retirement funds. They were forced to file bankruptcy after all of the unpaid bills had piled up and the costs of traveling back and forth from LA to home became insurmountable. 


Gustavo Sr. took a long term medical leave from work to care for Gus, as Gus’s mother, Marcy continued to work full time and long hours so they could keep their home. 


After just 2 months of being home, the awful news that the 35% of the tumor that was removed returned w/ a vengeance. Back to CHLA they went to attack the tumor, again. 


May 22, 2015. Gus went in for an 8 hour Surgery- “The Longest Day of our lives” - The family said. 


Finally! Good news!! 95% of the tumor had been removed. A true miracle, to say the least. Despite knowing a long road ahead still existed. 


Gus was alive and nothing else mattered. A 2 month stay at CHLA until Gus’s 21st Bday was ahead. Which meant he could no longer be treated at CHLA. 


Gus had begun what was a truly remarkable turnaround until March ,2016. Gus took another bad turn. He was losing his cognitive and motor skills right in front of the family’s eyes. Schizophrenia had set in. This crushed the family completely as they were informed that Gus was at the end of his fight. The years of chemotherapy, radiation, opioids, steroids, all had a serious side effect to his brain. 


The family was told to take Gus home, He had lost the fight. Gus didn’t even recognize his own parents at times. But luckily, The doctor clearly did not know about “The Gus Bus”. Gus and his family took a leap of faith. They took Gus off of all medications, and chemo for a few weeks. Once again, The “Gus Bus” rose up. HE beat the odds. He began walking and eating on his own until he could start physical therapy and speech therapy. Before you know it, Gus was home. The Gus Bus had his back against the wall, yet made a full recovery. Amazing. 


But theres more, again in March 2017, Gus’s Tumor had returned. It was a very small mass, but Gus’s surgeon wanted to act fast. He was immediately scheduled for radiation at Cedar-Sinai. Once again, The Gus Bus took the wheel of the situation. The MRI showed that the tumor was completely gone. “The best news ever” -said Marcy. 


Gus had been back on the move and overcoming his situation in style until just a few weeks ago. A routine MRI found another tumor. This time in a different part of his brain. This is where Gus’s family stands today. This has been their life the past 13 years. 


Gus’s mom said “Throughout All this, Gus has demonstrated to be a true warrior. We will continue to fight this fight alongside our son. Whatever it takes. I’m 100% positive that God didn’t bring us this far to give up now.” 




We want to take this time to thank everyone for coming and supporting our friend, Gus, and his wonderful family. I want to announce to their family that we are proud to say our Surf & Turf Golf community has your back. 


Oprah Winfrey once said- “Surround yourself with those who lift you higher”. Gus is a person who would have our back and has the power to uplift us through his courage and will to survive. 

HE is exemplary of another member of the Surf & Turf Team -Peyton Palermo’s motto through her brain tumor fight. “Be Strong. Fight Hard. Dig Deep.”. 


Keep fighting Gus. Keep fighting. 






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